Do you think you have enough passion and patience to become a professional diver? Are you ready to move beyond your own enjoyment of diving and give the gift of diving to customers from around the world?

Whether you plan to work in the industry or just want to enjoy a long-term diving holiday that will help perfect your diving skills, a divemaster is a great way to perfect your skills and develop the ones necessary for you to lead a fun dive or discovery dive or assist an instructor with diving courses.

You will be presented with many different underwater challenges, working with our qualified professional instructors to learn how to face each challenge naturally and effectively. The course length is flexible, you can complete it in as little as a couple weeks or as much as a couple months. Clearly, the longer you have to spend and gain experience, the more natural the skills will become. If you have at least 40 logged dives and have completed the Rescue Diver + First Aid Course, you are ready to take on one of the biggest and most rewarding steps in your professional diving career. Come spend time with us and learn how to spread the joy of diving to others safely and passionately. By the end of the experience, you will be an important part of the Reef Shepherd dive family.

Ask yourself, “Do I have the attitude of a divemaster?” If you are passionate, responsible, relatively fit, and ready to spread joy to customers, the answer could be, “Yes!”

What’s Included?

  • Course Materials
  • International Certification License
  • Certified Professional Dive Instructor
  • Tanks
  • Full Diving Equipment Rental
  • Speed Boat to Tayrona National Park (no additional entrance fee required)
  • Refreshments (snacks, juice, water – please inform us if you are vegetarian)
  • Underwater Photographs



PADI applies additional fee (study material)


If you are interested in completing your divemaster, please write us or stop into our shop to discuss course timing. The divemaster learns to be involved in nearly every aspect of the dive business, so spending as much time as possible diving, assisting instructors, and being in the shop is key to success in the program. We can complete the course in as little as two weeks, completing only the required skills and dives. Or you can spend more time with us, with unlimited dive opportunities. Clearly, the more time you have, the more experience you will gain as a comfortable divemaster, ready to spread passion and tackle the challenges of leading customers into the water.