This is the first level of the world of diving; in this course, you will learn the basic principles and requirements to carry out a safe immersion, as well as the necessary skills to obtain the license and dive anywhere in the world.

The first day consists of a theoretical part in which you will learn the usefulness of each part of the diving equipment, and the practical part that takes place in the pool where you will learn the skills to become an autonomous diver.

The second day is when the real adventure begins. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment and instructions to fulfill the day’s objectives. We will head to the boat and from there to the respective diving points located in the Tayrona National Natural Park. We will repeat all the exercises from the previous day and dive up to a maximum of 12 meters.

On the last day, we will fully enjoy the activity thanks to the practice from the previous days. We will meet again at the diving center to receive all the equipment and, of course, receive the instructions for the day. On this occasion, we will reach the maximum depth allowed at this level, which is 18 meters. During the activity, photos will be taken, and you will enjoy a beautiful view composed of the great marine life that abounds in these areas of the Tayrona Park.



What’s Included?

  • Course Materials
  • International Certification License
  • Certified Professional Dive Instructor
  • One Confined Water Dive in Taganga Bay & Four Open Water Dives in Tayrona Park
  • Full Diving Equipment Rental
  • Speed Boat to Tayrona National Park (no additional entrance fee required)
  • Refreshments (snacks, juice, water – please inform us if you are vegetarian)
  • Underwater Photographs
  • International Certified

Open Water Course:

$990.000 COP

PADI applies additional fee (study material)


The course lasts three (3) days in which the first day will be confined water in the swimming pool or in the shallow water, on the second and third day two (2) dives are made for a total of 4 dives. The courses start every day and last half days. You can choose between taking the course in the morning or in the afternoon. For the morning departure, please arrive at the store by 07:20 and be back at 11:30. For the afternoon, the arrival time is 1:20 p.m., ending around 4:30 p.m.